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The association, L'Espace Randonnée des Pays de Buëch, was created in 1999 with the aim 'to ensure the management, coordination and promotion of L'Espace Rando for the Buech Region and in particular, mountain biking. '

Development of the area

  • Creation of hiking, mountain biking and horse riding paths and trails
  • Creation of a network of round trips and longer touring trips
  • Display of information signs (hiking, mountain biking and horse riding)
  • Regular monitoring and maintenance of paths (Chantiers Jeunes)
Avant les travaux
Après les travaux

Promotion of tourism

  • Creation and sale of tourism documents (Ordinance survey maps, guide books...)
  • Participation in trade shows and exhibitions, press events...
  • Creation and updating of website www.buech-rando.com

Serving the
local community

  • Support of local associations in running events
  • Provision of technical support to the local mountain bike club
  • Collaboration with neighbouring regions in the development of the activities offered by the Espace Rando.
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